Family: Crassulaceae

Scientific Name: Hylotelephium sieboldi

Common Name: October Sedum, Sieboldii Sedum

DescriptionA beautiful plant that forms a interesting round mat of blue-green foliage. Blooms in the late summer or early fall.
Plant TypeAll Plants, Perennials Hardy
Hardiness Zone6
Moistureaverage to dry
FlowersClusters of star shaped, bright pink flowers, starts in September through October. Many times the flowers are buried in the falling leaves.
LeavesThe leaves are: blue-green, fleshy, rounded, three leaves per whorl with a pink border turning reddish in the fall.
Stemsarch from the center
Dimensions6 inches tall, spreads up to 20" inches
Misc FactsNamed after Philipp Franz van Siebold a German doctor. When in Japan (1823-1830, 1859-1863) he collected many plants and introduced them into European gardens. (syn Sedum sieboldii)
Author's NotesIt may not be totally hardy to Zone #5. I have read about this being used as an indoor house plant.
Notes & Reference#36-Encyclopedia of Perennials (Christopher Woods), #209-The Plant Lovers Guide to Sedums (Brent Horvath)
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