Family: Fabaceae

Scientific Name: Caesalpinia gilliesii

Common Name: Yellow Bird of Paradise, Desert Bird of Paridise

DescriptionA tropical shrub that tolerates poor soils.
Plant TypeShrubs Deciduous
Hardiness Zone8-11
Sunlightfull, part sun, bright shade
Moistureaverage, dry
Soil & Sitetolerates poor soils, well drained
Temperaturetolerates heat
Flowerslarge, yellow, long protruding red stamens
Fruitgreen pods turning brown, in terminal clusters
Leavestwice pinnately compound, leaflets to 1/4 inch and less, light green, graying with age,
Stemswithout spines, have well defined lenticels
Dimensionsup to 6 feet in warm climates
Native SiteNative to Argentina and Uruguay, but has now naturalized in portions of the Chihuahuan and Sonoran Deserts in close proximity to inhabited areas.
Misc FactsTanins found in seeds are mildly toxic
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