Family: Pteridaceae

Scientific Name: Adiantum aleuticum

Common Name: Western Maidenhari Fern, Serpentine Maidenhair Fern

DescriptionA spreading, mounding fern producing delicate fronds.
Plant TypeAll Plants, Ferns - Hardy
Hardiness Zone2-8
Sunlightshade, filtered light
Moistureprefers moist tolerates average
Soil & Sitehumusy, moist ph 6-7
Leaveslacy fan shaped green fronds on brown stems (stipes), turns a nice russet brown in the fall
Stemsshort, creeping rhizoms
Dimensions12-24 inches tall, arching
MaintenanceWhen to cut off the dead fronds is a matter of choice. I like to cut them back in the spring leaving the dead fronds for winter interest.
Propagationdivision, spores
Native SiteWestern North America, eastern Asia and some serpentine habitats of eastern United States
Misc FactsThe genus name comes from the Greek, meaning "not wetting", referring to the fronds' ability to shed water without becoming wet.
Notes & Reference#80-A Field Guide to Ferns (Boughton Cobb) #90-Ferns for American Gardens (John T Mickel)
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