Family: Bromeliaceae

Scientific Name: Aechmea zebrina Surprise

Common Name: Aechmea zebrina Surprise


Aechmea zebrina Surprise is heavily banded with gray striations. Blossoms are orange and yellow.

Plant TypeBromeliad, Perennial Tender
Hardiness Zone10-11, tropical
Sunlightpartial shade to shade
Moistureevenly moist to approach dryness, keep the vase full of water
Growing Mediaepiphytic mix
Temperatureaverage house, warm, not less than around 58 degrees
Flowersinflorescence of orange and yellow
Leavesvase forming burgundy leaves with gray striations
Rootssparse root system
MaintenanceAfter the main vase flowers, it will eventually die and be replaced by the new suckers from the size. This process may take months. The water in the vase should be emptied from time to time. The water will get very stale after a period of time.
Cultivar OriginBullis Bromeliads, Florida (USA)
Author's NotesIn order to get it to bloom again may be a tricky thing. First it must be in a good growing environment and should a mature plant. If it still fails to bloom try putting it in a plastic bag for a week or so with a piece of ripe fruit. The ripe fruit gives off ethylene gas. This gas stimulates flower formation. When I ran the high school greenhouse the Bromeliads bloomed because of the good growing environment and enough ethylene gas in the air.
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