Family: Onagraceae

Common Name: Autumnale Fushcia

DescriptionA spreading Fuchsia grown mostly for the color of its foliage
Plant TypePerennial Tender
Sunlightmostly sunny, part sun, shaded
Moistureaverage, moist
Soil & Siteaverage, moist
Growing Mediaaverage container mix
Temperatureseems to tolerate cooler temperatures
Flowerssingle red
Leavesmatures to yellow, reds and bronze
Dimensionsover 24 inch spread, spreading growth habit
Misc FactsTo over wintered Fuchsia, before the first frost cut back the plants hard and repot. You can move them down into a smaller pot. Make sure you spray for pests, since the bug population will exploded when brought indoors. Grow in a bright window.
Author's NotesGrew this plant many times in zone #5 and than over wintered for next year. Always loved the color of the foliage.
Notes & Reference#71-The New Plant Library Fuchsia, #194-Fuchsias (John Nicholass), #204-The Illustrated Gardeners Guide To Growing Fuchsias (John Nicholass)
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