Family: Ranunculaceae

Common Name: Durandi Clematis

DescriptionA strong non-clinging Clematis grown as a herbaceous perennial
Plant TypeVines
Hardiness Zone4-9
Soil & Siteaverage
Flowersflat, single, semi nodding indigo blue, 4-6 petals
Fruitan achene with a persistent plumose style
Leavessimple, dark green
Dimensions3-6 feet tall
MaintenancePruning group 3 or C) Be ruthless here! Ignore the fat buds you see further up the stem, grit your teeth and cut back to a height of roughly 8"-12" (this should include 2 strong sets of buds. See diagram). Do this and you will be rewarded by the emergence of vigorous new shoots from the base which will result in a nice, full, multi-stemmed plant loaded with flowers. As the shoots grow you will of course want to spread them out so as to make the most of the display. Sometimes the plants are obliging and train themselves, but most often they need a firm guiding hand (
Cultivar OriginRaised by Durand Frees of France in 1874.
Misc FactsCan be trained on a trellis or allowed to scramble.
Notes & Reference#84-An Illustrated Encyclopedia of Clematis (Mary Toomey, Everett Leeds),
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