Family: Balsaminaceae

Common Name: Impatiens


Impatiens (impatiens walleriana) One of the most popular annuals sold. Best grown in the shade. They come in a plethora of colors. An extremely useful annual for the shade. It can also be used in pots and hanging baskets.

Plant TypeAnnuals
Hardiness Zonetender perennial
Sunlightsemi-shade to shaded
Soil & Siteaverage
TemperatureThis plant is not tolerent of cold weather and should be set out around Memorial Day weekend or later. This will be one of the first plants to die from frost.
FlowersVery prolific bloomers, coming in just about every color imaginable. There are some double varieties, but most are single flowers.
FruitSeeds pods will burst when ripe. This is a mechanism of nature to throw the seeds away from the mother plant.
LeavesThe foliage is somewhat succulent.
Dimensions6" to over 18" tall
PropagationThe germination of seeds can be finicky. I always could get good germination but lost many seeds after they were transplanted. Can also be rooted from cuttings
Misc FactsThe word Impatiens is derived from the latin meaning the "bursting of seed pods". Tanzania and Mozambique
Notes & Reference#109-Annuals and Tender Perennials for North American Gardens (Wayne Winterrowd), #182-Impatiens (Raymond J. Morgan)
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