Family: Geraniaceae

Scientific Name: Geranium sanguineum Max Frei

Common Name: Max Frei Geranium


Max Frei Geranium (Geranium sanguineum) A compact cultivar of the Geranium sanguineum.  Will become coverd with a pletherora of purple-red or magenta flowers.

Plant TypePerennials Hardy, Site author's observations
Hardiness Zone3-8
Sunlightbest in full sun, mostly sunny, some shade
Soil & Siteaverage
Flowerspurple-red or magenta, 1.5 inch flowers, start blooming end of May-early June and last through out June, few blossoms sporadically throughout the season
Fruitdistinctive beaked seed capsules, hence the common name of crane’s bill (geranium in Greek means crane)
Leavesdeeply cut leaves, usually three lobed, may have red fall color
Stemsstems grow from a crown
Dimensions8 plus inches tall, 24 inches spread, mounding spreading growth habit
MaintenanceI have found with most G. sanguineum cultivars in good growing conditions some dead heading and some cutting back is all that is needed. In conditions where the plants are stressed the foliage will become tattered and hard cutting back may be needed to shape the plant promote new foliage growth. Some reseeding may occur
Native SiteEurope, West Africa
Cultivar OriginOriginated at the Hans Frei Nursery in Germany, in 1976. A seedling found in Max Frei's alpine garden in Switzerland. (#243)
Author's NotesThis is a top selling plant at the garden center. The ones we have growing around the property are florific and very hardy.
Notes & Reference#231- The Gardeners Guide to Growing Hardy Geraniums (Trevor Bath, Joy Jones), #234-Plant Lovers Guide to Hardy Geraniums (Robin Parer)
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