Family: Lamiaceae

Scientific Name: Thymus vulgaris Silver Posie

Common Name: Silver Posie Thyme

DescriptionAn improved Silver Thymes with larger leaves and brighter color.
Plant TypePerennials Hardy
Hardiness Zone5-9
Moistureaverage, tolerates dry once established, never soggy wet
Soil & Siteaverage, well drained, rots easily in wet soggy soils
Flowersclusters of tiny tubular lilac flowers
Leaveswhite outer edge, green to gray green center
Dimensions6 plus inches tall, 18 inches spread, small upright shrub
Propagationcuttings, mid spring to early summer
Native SiteWestern Mediterranean
Misc Facts"Thymus [genus name] is derived from either a Greek verb meaning 'to fumigate' or a noun (courage) and, as thymon, is a classical Greek name used by the Greek philosopher, Theophrastus (c.327-c.287 BC), for thyme or another similar plants". (#145)
Author's NotesThis has over wintered two years so far for me (2013) in zone #5. I like to use it in a container in full sun. Cascades over the rim and the edges of the leaves become a bright white. Some of my plants looked like they were completely white.
Notes & Reference#145-Plant Lives, (Sue Eland)
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