Family: Rosaceae

Common Name: Wife of Bath Rose


Wife of Bath Rose (Rosa) A David Austin Rose that is a repeat bloomer shrub rose. Flowers have a dark pink center fading to pale pink around the edges. Has very full flower.

Plant TypeShrubs Rose
Hardiness Zone(5)6
Soil & Siteaverage
Flowersfull cupped, red buds open to a pink center fading to lighter pink outward, form in clusters
Leavessmall, green
Dimensions3 by 3 feet or greater, bushy twiggy growth habit
MaintenanceI like to keep my plants on the compact side. To do this, cut the new branches back 33-50% every 1-3 years in the spring. If you want a larger plant just let them grow more and prune less, but a good hard pruning every once in a while is good for the plant. Each spring there will be old dead stems to remove from the center and dead tips of branched to cut off. This plant is very thorny and a long sleeve shirt and a good pair of gloves are essential. I have found the long reach rose pruners make this pruning job much easier. Dead heading helps to promote quicker flushes of flowers. But by dead heading you will lose the rose hips. This is a matter of choice.
Cultivar OriginDavid Austin, UK, 1969
Misc FactsAKA: The Wife of Bath Rose shrub rose, Glucksberg Rose, Wife of Bath English Rose
Notes & Reference#107-American Rose Society Encyclopedia of Roses (Charles and Brigid Quest-Ritson), #111-Botanica’s Roses, #112-Taylor’s Guide to Roses (Nancy Ondra)
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