Family: Papilionaceae

Scientific Name: Baptisia tinctoria

Common Name: Wild Indigo, Yellow wild indigo, Horseflyweed

DescriptionA sturdy native perennial with yellow flowers.
Plant TypePerennials Hardy
Hardiness Zone3-9
Sunlightfull, some shade, mostly sunny
Moistureaverage, dry
Soil & Siteaverage, dry
Flowersyellow to creamy yellow, racemes
Fruitsmall pods, turn black, seeds rattle in pods when dry
Leavesblue green, clover-like foliage, trifoliate
Dimensions2-3 by 2-3 feet
Misc FactsBaptisia comes from the Greek word for dye and tinctoria comes from the Latin word for dye.
Notes & Reference#144-Missouri Botanical Gardens web site (, #152-Robert W. Freckmann Herbarium, U. of Wisconsin - Stevens Point (
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