Family: Apocynaceae

Scientific Name: Pachypodium lameri

Common Name: Madagascar Palm

DescriptionThis is a weird but lovable, easy to grow plant forming a single spiny stem with a fluted base.
Plant TypeSucculents
Hardiness Zone10
Sunlightfull sun, bright
MoistureAllowing the plant to get totally dry to many times will result in dropping of leaves. Prefers to be kept slightly dry.
Growing Mediawell drained
Temperatureaverage house-warm
Flowerssmall funnel-like and white. After growing this plant for many years I have yet to see it flower. I need to revise this statement I finally have a blooming plant. (See photos)
Leavesstrap-like located on the top of the plant creating a palm-like appearance.
Stemssingle stem, may branch at the base with age, wrapped with a continuous mass of spines
Native SiteSouth and Southwestern Madagascar
Author's NotesI have found this plant easy to grow in a warm bright window. Grown in a bight window in the winter outdoors in the sun in the summer.
Notes & Reference#05-Lexicon of Succulent Plants (Hermann Jacobsen), #99-The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Succulent Plants (Gordon Rowley)
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