Family: Polemoniaceae

Scientific Name: Phlox subulata Amazing Grace

Common Name: Amazing Grace Creeping Phlox

DescriptionA low growing ground cover perennial with compact moss-like foliage and white flowers with red center.
Plant TypeAnnuals
Hardiness Zone2-8
Sunlightflowers best in full sun, tolerates some shade
Soil & Siteaverage, well drained
Flowers3-5 flowers borne in a loose panicle, white with red eye, beginning to mid May
Leavesgreen, narrow linear, moss like
Dimensionsaround 4-6" tall and spreading over 24", plant 12-18" on center.
MaintenanceIf Creeping Phlox is placed to close to a sidewalk, patio, etc. it will creep into this area. Most people will shear it straight on the edges leaving a rough brown edge. A way to avoid this ugly look is to lift the edges of the plant up and cut the brown underside of the plant leaving a layer of growing foliage on the top to fill in. Than take this foliage and feather it back with a pruning shear or scissors. This works with Creeping Phlox because it tends to grow in layers with the new growth creeping over the older growth. When grass or weed start growing through the foliage, lift the plant and pull the weeds from underneath. Once the Phlox is established the weed problem will be minimal. A light shearing after bloom will encourage compact growth.
Native SiteNorth America
Cultivar OriginNative to America first sent to England in 1745 by John Bartram.
Misc Factsdivision, cuttings
Author's NotesPlanted in my garden in the spring of 2013. It seems to be and early blooming Phlox. My plants have a spread of over 18 inches (2016).
Notes & Reference#04-Herbaceous Perennial Plants (Allan Armitage)
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