Family: Rosaceae

Common Name: Applejack Rose, Apple Jack Rose

DescriptionA pink rose growing as a shrub or a climber.
Plant TypeShrubs Rose
Hardiness Zone4b-9
Soil & Siteaverage
Temperatureneeds a cold winter dormancy for better bloom
Flowerspink, pink blend, medium size 2-3 inches, single to semi-double, 8-15 petals, moderately fragrant
Fruitscarlet hips
Leavesgreen, apple scented, deciduous
Stemscovered with thorns
Dimensions5-6 feet tall as a shrub, up to 10 as a climber
MaintenanceUsing hand shears or extended reach rose pruners I selectively cut back each branch at least 25-50% in the spring. This controls the size, promotes new growth increasing the flowers. Dead heading helps to promote quicker flushes of flowers. But by dead heading you will lose the rose hips.
Cultivar OriginDr. Griffith J. Buck, Iowa (USA) 1973. A cross between 'Goldbusch' x ('Josef Rothmund' x R. laxa)
Notes & Reference#107-American Rose Society Encyclopedia of Roses (Charles and Brigid Quest-Ritson), #111-Botanica’s Roses
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