Family: Betulaceae

Scientific Name: Betula platyphylla Dakota Pinnacle

Common Name: Dakota Pinnacle Birch, Fargo Birch

DescriptionA medium size pyramidal tree that is proving to be very hardy.
Plant TypeTrees Deciduous
Hardiness Zone3b
Moistureaverage, prefers moist, adaptable, moderately drought tolerent
Soil & Siteaverage, prefers most well drained, adaptable
Temperaturehas survivied -34 to -39 F
Flowerscatkins, males appear in summer and last until next year, females appear in the spring, monoecious (male and female flower on the same plant
Fruitcluster of winged nutlets
Leavessimple, green, triangular, serrated, not much fall color
Stemsbark transitions from grayish-orange to yellow white with age, moderate exfoliation
Dimensions+30 feet tall, +15 feet wide, upright narrow pyramidal shape
Maintenancehas proved to be moderatly resistant to common Birch diseases
Cultivar OriginOriginated in an open pollinate batch of seed at the University of North Dakota (USA) in 1986.
Notes & ReferenceHortScience, Vol 32, Dec 1997
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