Family: Amaryllidaceae

Common Name: Amaryllis cultivars


Amaryllis cultivars (Hippeastrum) A long-lived, easy to grow, and get to flower indoor plants.

Plant TypeIndoor Flowering Plants, Site author's observations, Bulbs, corms, tubers, rhizoms, etc.
Hardiness Zone9-10
Sunlightfull sun, bright
Moistureevenly moist when growing, approach dryness to dry when resting
Growing Mediaaverage house
Flowersred, white, pink, orange, salmon or bicolored, funnel shaped, 2-4 per scape (stalk), 6 tepals (3 sepals and 3 petals), bloom once a year, the hollow flower stalk reaches 2 feet.
Leavesstrap-like leaves that radiate from the top of the bulb.
Dimensions2 feet
MaintenanceThe Amaryllis goes through a growing, blooming, resting cycle. After blooming cut off the flower stalk and it will start to go dormant. Keep it on the dry side until it starts to regrow in a few months. Divide plants when dorman
PropagationIt can be grown from the black, flat seeds but cultivars won't come true from seeds. After a few years the plant may form small bulbs that can be divided off the mother plant when it is dormant. In the greenhouse Amaryllis will self-seed in other pots
Native SiteSpecies are native to South and Central America.
Misc FactsThe genus Amaryllis is taken from a shepherdess in one of Virgil's pastorals, meaning any young rustic maiden.
Author's NotesI had an Amaryllis that was grown from seed for over 25 years old. This is a great plant to give as a gift. Buy 3-5 dormant bulbs. Start watering 1 different bulb every 7-10 days to get a group of Amaryllis blooming over an extended period of time
Notes & Reference#180-Hippeastrum The Gardeners Amaryllis (Veronica M. Read)
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