Family: Apocynaceae

Scientific Name: Amsonia tabernaemontana

Common Name: Eastern bluestar


Eastern Blue Star (Amsonia tabernaemontana) is a native wild flower with pale blue flowers and bright yellow fall color.

Pronunciation(am-SO-knee-uh) (tab-er-nay-MON-tah-nuh)
Plant TypePerennials Hardy, Wild Flowers
Hardiness Zone3-9
Sunlightfull, light shade
Moisturemoist to average
Soil & Siteaverage
Flowerspale blue, tubular corolla with 5 widely spreading lobe, star like, 1/2-3/4 inch, borne in panicles, blooms for about a month, mid-spring to early summer
Leavessimple, alternate, glossy green above, underside pale green, smooth edges, narrow oval, yellow in the fall
Rootstap root
Dimensions2-4 feet tall, bushy growth habit
Misc FactsAmsonia commemorates for some authorities a little known mid-18th Century American doctor and traveller, Charles Amson of Virginia, who was a friend of the English settler John Clayton (1686-1773). Others wonder instead whether it might commemorate a past Mayor of Williamsburg, Virginia (a Dr. John Amson) who was also alleged to be an associate of John Clayton – or even that the two are one and the same person if not related. (#145) AKA: Blue dogbane, Willow amsonia, Woodland bluestar
Notes & Reference#153-Illinois Wild Flower (, #145-Plant Lives (Sue Eland) web site
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