Family: Aizoaceae

Scientific Name: Delosperma nubigenum

Common Name: Yellow Ice Plant

DescriptionA great ground cover for the hot dry areas of the yard.
Plant TypePerennials Hardy
Hardiness Zone5-9
Moistureaverage, drought tolerant once established
Soil & Sitemust be well drained, especially during the winter
Flowersdaisy-like, yellow, flowers open during the brightest part of the day and than close at night
Leavesglossy, green, succulent
Dimensions2-4 inches high, spreads over 24 inches, mat forming
Maintenancespreads but easy to control
Propagationseeds, cuttings
Native SiteNative to South Africa.
Misc FactsThe name Ice Plant originates from the fact that many species have calcium crystals that resemble ice on the foliage. The hardy species lack this characteristic.(syn. Mesembryanthemum nubigenum)
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