Family: Saxifragaceae

Scientific Name: Bergenia cordifolia Winter Glut

Common Name: Winter Glow Bergenia, Winter Glow Pig Squek

DescriptionA Bergenia cultivar with magenta-red flowers and burgundy scapes.
Plant TypePerennials Hardy
Hardiness Zone5
Sunlightprefers partial shaded, in full sun the foliage may burn
Moistureprefers moist, tolerates average
Soil & Siteprefers moist, tolerates average
Flowersmagenta red, borne on burgundy colored scapes held above the foliage of the plant
Leavesshiny, leathery, waxy, thick and green, produced in clumps from the rhizome, turn purple in the fall, somewhat evergreen depending on the zone
Dimensions1 foot tall, slow spreads, 12 -16 inches on center
Maintenancenot an invasive spreader slowly increasing by rhizomes, removal of dead leaves
Propagationdivision of the clump of rhizomes
Misc FactsBergenia was named after Karl August von Bergen an 18th century German Botany teacher.
Author's NotesBergenia look best best massed together. Single plants can be rather coarse looking.
Notes & Reference#40-Herbaceous Ornamental Plants (Steven Stills)
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