Family: Asparagaceae

Scientific Name: Agave utahensis var nevadensis

Common Name: Nevada Agave

DescriptionA smaller slow growing native Agave.
Plant TypePerennial Tender
Hardiness Zone7-10
Moistureaverage to dry, intolerant of winter wetness
Temperaturefrost tolerant to 10 F if kept very dry
Flowers8 foot tall flower stalk, inflorescence is a panicle, light yellow flower
Leavesbright green leaves, leaf tips with spines, leaf margins with widely spaced gray teeth, leaves to a foot in length
Dimensions1 foot by 1 foot
Native SiteNevada, California, Arizona and Utah USA
Misc Factssyn. Agave nevadensis
Notes & Reference#219-Agaves Living sculptures for landscapes and containers (Greg Starr)
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