Family: Ericaceae

Common Name: April Reign Rhododendron

DescriptionA smaller Rhododendron with double pink flowers.
Plant TypeBroadleaf evergreen
Hardiness Zone(4)5
Sunlightmorning sun, part sun, semi-shade
Moistureaverage, moist
Soil & Siteacidic, organic, well drained moist
Temperaturehardy to -25 degrees F
Flowerspink, double, 2.5 inches
Leavesretains leaves 2-3 years
Dimensions3 feet, upright
Cultivar OriginMehlquist, (minus Carolinianum Group x mucronulatum 'Cornell Pink') x dauricum, white form, selfed
Misc FactsRegistration number ARS 892
Notes & Reference#216-The Rhododendron Society (
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