Family: Commelinaceae

Scientific Name: Tradescantia pallida Pale Puma

Common Name: Pale Puma Tradescantia

DescriptionA clump forming trailing plant for outdoor containers or bright indoor windows.
Plant TypeIndoor Foliage
Hardiness Zone8
Sunlightsun, part sun, part shade, the amount of sun will determine the amount of purple in the leaves
Soil & Siteaverage
Growing Mediaaverage
Flowerswhite in boat shaped bracts
Leavesalternate, glossy green purple towards the edges, more sun more purple, rubbery feel, woolly hair
Dimensions10-12 inches tall, wide spreading,semi upright, tight clump of foliage
Maintenancepruning to maintain shape
Propagationeasy from fleshy cuttings
Misc FactsTradescantia spathacea, Rhoeo spathacea, Tradescantia discolor
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