Family: Cannaceae

Common Name: Tropical Sunrise Canna


Canna Tropical Sunrise has pink to apricot salmon colored flowers. In zone #5 grown as a tender perennial.

Plant TypeBulbs, corms, tubers, rhizoms, etc., Perennial Tender
Hardiness Zone(7b)8-10
Sunlightfull, at least 1/2 day
MoistureI have seen Canna growing in water. In dry periods I give them "survival" water and they have prospered. Average to moist would be a good starting point.
Soil & Siteaverage to moist, organic
Growing MediaTops will die at the first good frost. The rhizomes will tolerate light frosts but should be dug before the frost penetrates the ground and turns the rhizomes to mush.
Temperaturetops will be killed with the first heavy frost but not the rhizomes
Flowerspink to apricot salmon
Fruitwarty capsule, round hard seeds
Stemsstout stem, usually finite (reaches a certain height), underground rhizomes
Dimensions5 plus feet tall
MaintenanceThe tubers should be lifted after the frost has killed the top. They should be cleaned and stored dry and cool. I like to store the clump whole and than divide in the spring. Check occasionally to see if the tubers are shriveling. Depending on your storage area they my need to be moisten.
Propagationdivision of the rhizome, seeds must be scarified (scratched) and soaked in water, cultivars probably will not come true from seed
Native SiteSpecies Canna are native to the tropical areas of South America.
Notes & Reference#162-The Gardeners Guide to Growing Cannas (Ian Cooke)
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