Family: Asteraceae

Scientific Name: Melampodium paludosum Show Star

Common Name: Melampodium Show Star, Butter Daisy

DescriptionA nice mounding plant producing a plethora of small yellow daisy-like flowers. A plant that is "Tough as Nails" (#51)
Plant TypeAnnuals
Sunlightfull, at least 1/2 day
Moistureaverage, on the dry side
Soil & Siteaverage, on the dry side
Growing Mediawell drained
Temperaturetolerates heat
Flowerssmall, daisy-like yellow, extremely florific
Leavesgreen, lance shaped, simple
Dimensions18 plus inches tall, mounded
Maintenancevery little, dead heading
Propagationeasy by seeds
Native SiteNative to western North America.
Misc Factssyn Leucanthemum paludosum 'Show Star
Author's NotesI grew this for many years and it was a hit to the people that used it. It doesn't seem to be readily available in our area.
Notes & Reference#51-Armitage's Manual of Annuals, Biennials, and Half-Hardy Perennials (Alan Arimitage), #109-Annuals and Tender Perennials for North American Gardens (Wayne Winterroud)
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