Family: Asteraceae

Common Name: Moonshine Yarrow, Achillea Moonshine

DescriptionOne of the better landscape perennials. Needs full sun, normal to dry soil conditions. Has a long floral display and the foliage is a gray/silver color.
Plant TypeAll Plants, Perennials Hardy
Hardiness Zone3-8
Sunlightfull sun
Moistureaverage, on the dry side
Soil & Siteaverage, well drained
Flowersflat topped, dense inflorescence, pale yellow and has blooms through out most of the growing season, e main flush starts end of May early June going into the first or second week of July
Leavesgray/green to gray/silver, deeply dissected, very showy, old plants can get very woody
Dimensions24" high by over 24" in spread, space 18-24"
MaintenanceAfter the major bloom period, the plant will start to become a bit shabby. The old blossoms turn brown and the original foliage becomes less showy. At this point a decision has to be made on when to cut this plant back. The problem is there still will be a few blossoms and it is hard to sacrifice flowers. The sooner the plant is cut back the quicker it will regrow new crisp, clean foliage and produce a few smaller flowers in the fall.
Propagationcuttings, easily by division in the spring,
Cultivar OriginAlan Bloom of Bloom of Bressingham Gardens, Diss England. A hybrid between Achillea taygete and Achillea cypeolata
Author's NotesThe only problem this plant has is in hot humid weather it can melt out. I have found this to be a truly dependable, landscape perennial. I have a planting by my front walk that was planted in the late 1990's (2016) and they are still going strong.
Notes & Reference#04-Herbaceous Perennial Plants (Allan Armitage), #30-Gardening with Perennials Month by Month (Joseph Hudak)
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