Family: Apocynaceae

Common Name: Hot Pink Desert Rose

DescriptionHot Desert Rose is a vigorous cultivar of Desert Rose with pink flowers. Thrive in full sun warm conditions.
Plant TypeAll Plants, Succulents
Hardiness Zone10-11
Moistureaverage, more in hot temperatures, less in cool temperatures
Soil & Siteaverage well drained
Growing Mediacactus and succulent mix
Temperaturestay above 60 degrees F
Flowershot pink
Leavesfreely branches, may not form caudex like the species
Dimensions48" tall X 36" wide under perfect growing conditions, much smaller as a house plant, can be fast growing
Cultivar OriginOglesby Nursery Florida USA
Author's NotesI have seen this plant many times for sale at garden centers. It seems to bloom more than the species.
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