Family: Malvaceae

Scientific Name: Hibiscus x moscheutos

Common Name: ABC's of Hardy Hibiscus

DescriptionABC's of Hardy Hibiscus  (Hibiscus x moscheutos) Hibiscus is not only tropical but there are many varieties that can live in zone #5. Be patient, they are slow to appear in the spring.

Plant TypePerennials Hardy, Site author's observations
Hardiness Zone(4)5
Sunlightfull, at least 6 hours
Moistureonce established can tolerate normal conditions, need to be kept well watered until established, the more water the greater the number of flowers and the larger the plant
Soil & Siteaverage, not soggy
Flowerslarge crepe textured round flowers, 3-4 inches up to 10 plus inches depending on variety, many different colors form red, white, pink, cranberry, plum, mauve, raspberry, etc., last only one day, turn into a mushy mass on day 2
Leavesgreen to burgundy red
Stemsin zone #5 the stems die back to the ground
Dimensions3-8 feet high, up to 6 foot spread depending on variety
Maintenanceafter the first killing frost cut back to about 6-10 inches, flowers wilt to a mushy mash the second day, if this bothers you they can be removed, sometimess staking of branches will help prevent them from breaking
Propagationcuttings, hybrids will not come true from seed
Misc FactsThe size and number of flowers of this plant depends to a great extent on the growing conditions. The ones I have grown, usually fend for themselves. Will give additional water when needed. I drive past a planting of hardy Hibiscus where the gardener has supported the plants with a low decorative fence and waters on a regular basis. These plants are twice the size of mine with double the amount of flowers. A stunning display for their garden.
Author's NotesPlants are hardier than many people think. In one of the coldest winters (2014) not one of my plants died and only lost a few at the garden center. In zone #5 they are very slow to emerge, I seem to get 3-5 years of life from these plants.
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