Family: Poaceae

Scientific Name: Ammophila breviligulata

Common Name: American Beach Grass, Dune grass, Marram grass

DescriptionA grass common to sand dunes across the US. The dense hummocks collect blowing sand and the rhizomatous nature help stabilize a beach
Plant TypeWild Flowers
Hardiness Zone5
Moistureaverage, dry
Soil & Sitesand, sandy
Flowerspale yellow, tall stiff inflorescence
Leavesgrass-like foliage, forms vertical and horizontal rhizomes, forms tussocks, roots can reach 20 feet down, as the sand builds up around the stem it grows higher, old stems become roots
Dimensions2-3 feet, spreads by rhizomes, forms tussocks
Propagationdivision, seeds often sterile
Native SiteNaturally found growing on the beaches of Lake Superior and Lake Michigan and many other sand areas in the USA.
Author's NotesAs I was growing up I swam a lot in the very cold waters of Lake Superior. The Beach grass was an ever present grass about 30-50 feet from the shore.
Notes & Reference#151-Grasses An Identification Guide (Lauren Brown), (
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