Family: Acanthaceae

Scientific Name: Ruellia brittoniana

Common Name: Mexican Petunia, Texas Petunia

DescriptionA tall tender shrubby perennial, common in the south not so in the north.
Plant TypePerennial Tender
Hardiness Zone7
Moistureaverage, moist
Soil & Siteaverage, well drained
Flowerspetunia-like five lobed, tubular, form in upper leaf axis, blooms best during the cooler time of the day, flowers may not open or just wilt in heat (#51),flower most abundantly in really hot weather (#109)???, have a spiral bud, flowers late in the season in cooler areas, lilac blue, shy bloomer
Leavesdeep green, stems dark green to purple, branch from the ground
Dimensions3-5 feet tall, 3 foot spread
Maintenancewill reseed
Misc FactsGenus named after Jean de la Ruellia (1474-1537)
Notes & Reference#51-Armitage's Manual of Annuals, Biennials, and Half-Hardy Perennials (Alan Arimitage), #109-Annuals and Tender Perennials for North American Gardens (Wayne Winterroud)
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