Family: Lamiaceae

Scientific Name: Lamium maculatum Anne Greenaway

Common Name: Anne Greenaway Lamium

DescriptionA colorful Lamium with multicolored leaves.
Plant TypePerennials Hardy
Hardiness Zone4
Sunlightprefers semi-shade, plants will not be as compact or as colorful in the deeper shade areas, needs additional moisture in full sun
Moistureaverage, moist, this cultivar reported to be draught tolerant but I have yet to see one that will grow good to form in dry sites
Soil & Siteaverage, moist, will rot in the winter in soggy soils
Flowerssoft pink, lipped, hooded flowers on short stalks
Leaveschartreuse yellow outer margin, green inner margin with a central silver stripe, foliage color best in cooler times of the growing season
Dimensions8 by 12 inches
Maintenancedead heading will help prevent seedlings that will revert back to another form, cuttings back
Propagationtip cuttings
Cultivar OriginSelected by English Plantsman Bob Brown of Cotswold Nursery, UK.
Misc FactsReceived a poor rating at the Chicago Botanic Gardens trial gardens. Lasted only two years.
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