Family: Saxifragaceae

Common Name: Amber Waves Coral Bells

DescriptionHeuchera Amber Waves forms a rounded clump of ruffled Amber colored leaves
Plant TypePerennials Hardy
Sunlighthalf day morning sun, part sun, may burn in full sun
Moistureaverage, avoid hot and dry
Soil & Siteaverage
Temperaturefoliage color is best in the cooler weather of spring and fall
Flowerslight rose-pink flowers of a wiry stem
Leaveslarge ruffled leaves of amber to gold
Dimensionsabout 12 inches tall spread to 16 inches
MaintenanceDepending on the species some will produce a prodigious amount of flower scapes and these should be deadheaded. I prefer to gently remove the dead leaves in the spring. Gently is the key word since Heuchera do not produce stout clumps and pieces are easily broken off. Heuchera may frost heave, a mulch will help prevent this. Gently pushing the plants back into the ground in the spring is a good practice. Rejuvenation by division may be need as the plants get older and form thick heavy stems at the base of the plant.
Propagationdivision of clump
Cultivar OriginAmber Waves resulted as a tissue culture of the petiole of Heuchera Whirldwind. Introduced by Terra Nova 2000.
Author's NotesI have grown and observed many different Heuchera over the years. I ran a nursery when "Palace Purple" was the most popular. Now there are so many cultivars its mind boggling. In my opinion the best place to grow them is in an area that gets some full sun but the plant isn't baked, like an east exposure
Notes & Reference#105-Heuchera and Heucherellas (Dan Heims, Grahame Ware), #119-Heuchera, Tiarella and Heucherella A Gardeners Guide (Charles and Martha Oliver)
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