Family: Convolvulaceae

Scientific Name: Convolvulus arvensis

Common Name: Wild Morning Glory


Similar to the Hedge Bindweed (Convolvulus sepium), except the foliage is smaller, smaller flowers and is more frequently found growing on the ground. Where as the Hedge Bindweed is commonly growing on something.

Plant TypeWeeds
Hardiness Zone5
Soil & SiteI have seen this happily growing on newly rough graded sites consisting of the rough soil from the basement excavation. I have also seen the plant growing in farmers fields.
Flowersfunnel shaped, 5 fused petals, 5 fused sepals, 2 heart shaped bracts at the base, pinkish white and found on long peduncles, last for only one day
FruitSeeds become viable 10 days after pollination.
Leavesalternate, arrowhead shape, simple and green
StemsThe stem is a hairless long twining vine. Produces creeping rhizomes
DimensionsVine is reported to get over 21 feet in length.
MaintenanceTo control pull out by the roots or paint the plant with a herbicide.
Propagationpropagates by seeds and root stock
Cultivar OriginIntroduced from Europe into New England in 1739 and spread to California by 1900.
Misc FactsAKA: , Hedge Bindweed, European Bindweed
Notes & Reference#77-The Field Guide to Weeds, #81-Weeds of Northern US and Canada)
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