Family: Ranunculaceae

Scientific Name: Anemone nemerosa

Common Name: Wood Anemone cultivar

DescriptionA good perennial for the bright to dappled shade area of the garden.
Plant TypePerennials Hardy
Hardiness Zone(3)4
Sunlightbright shade
Moistureaverage, moist
Soil & Sitehumusy, slightly acid preferred
Flowersnative color is white, blue and pink clones available, consists of 5-8 sepals (often described as tepals), has little to no sent, lacks nectar
Leaves3 times divided, deeply toothed linear segments, creeps slowly by rhizomes
Dimensions6-8" tall, spread 12 plus inches, spreads to form a carpet
Native SiteNative Europe to Siberia.
Misc FactsThe root, leaves, juice have at times been used for medicinal purposes.
Author's NotesA did a quick search and one nursery listed 10 different cultivars of this plant.
Notes & Reference#4-Herbaceous Perennial Plants (Allan Armitage), #36-Encyclopedia of Perennials (Christopher Woods)
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