Family: Magnoliaceae

Scientific Name: Magnolia tripetala

Common Name: Umbrella Magnolia, Umbrella Tree, Elkwood

DescriptionA species Magnolia tree with large cream-white flowers in the early spring.
Plant TypeTrees Deciduous
Hardiness Zone(4)5-8
Moistureaverage, moist
Soil & Siteprefers humus rich soils, tolerates average
Flowerscreamy white flowers, 9-16 tepals, start as upright tight flowers, flowers have a disagreeable smell
Fruitbright red seed cones
Leaveslarge alternate, simple, green leaves up to 10 by 20 inches
Dimensionsup to 30-40 feet in the landscape, usually multi-trunked and broad
Propagationseeds, about 8 years to flowering plant
Native SiteNative to the forests of eastern and southeastern United States.
Misc FactsSpecies "tripetala" in reference to the three outer reflexed tepals. The name umbrella from the whorled leaves on the stems. The name Elkwood originated in the mountains of Virginia.
Notes & Reference#1-Manual of Woody Landscape Plants (Michael Dirr), #86-Magnolia A Gardener’s Guide (Jim Gardiner), #93-North American Landscape Trees (Arthur Lee Jacobson)
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