Family: Cornaceae

Scientific Name: Cornus kousa

Common Name: Kousa Dogwood


Kousa Dogwood (Cornus kousa) is a white flowering Dogwood tree hardy to zone #5.

Plant TypeTrees Deciduous, Site author's observations
Hardiness Zone5-8
Sunlightflowers best in full sun
Soil & Siteaverage, needs acidic soils
Flowerstrue flowers (which are ornamentally insignificant) are small yellow-green inflorescences centered among the four showy white bracts
Fruitdrupes, initially green, ripen to pink or red, spherical pendulous stalks
Leavesgreen, opposite simple leaves, I have seen great red fall color
Dimensions20-30 feet tall in favorable climates, developes horizontal branching with age
Misc FactsVariable from seed giving forth to a plethora of cultivars. Genus name "Cornus" is derived from the word cornu which means “horn” and refers to the hard wood. The species name "kousa" is the Japanese name for this dogwood
Author's NotesOver the years I have observed one of these plants and it seems to struggle in our winters.
Notes & Reference#01-Manual of Woody Landscape Plants (Michael Dirr), #175-Dogwoods (Paul Cappiello and Don Shadow)
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