Family: Crassulaceae

Scientific Name: Crassula ovata variegata

Common Name: Variegated Jade

DescriptionThis a variegated form of the Jade.
Plant TypeSucculents
SunlightThese plants will tolerate almost any light condition, but do best in full sun. The less light the more etiolated (stretched) the stems
Moisturedry out between waterings
Soil & Sitewell drained
Growing Mediaaverage house, well drained
TemperatureWill tolerate a wide range of temperatures. Average house is the norm.
Flowerswhite to pinkish, small and produced in clusters
Leavesfleshy leaves, green with white variegation
Stemsstout and tree like, forming corky bark.
Maintenancecan tolerate being cut back hard
PropagationEasy from cuttings. Cut a branch of almost any size, let the wound callus to prevent rotting and stick in a coarse rooting media. Will also root from a whole leaf cutting, but this is painfully slow.
Misc Factssyn. Crassula argentea
Author's NotesWhen moving from the indoors to the outdoors acclimated the plant by placing in a shaded spot then slowly move to the full sun. Even though it is a tough plant, the leaves will burn if put in direct sun to quickly
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