Family: Celastraceae

Scientific Name: Euonymus fortunei Darts Blanket

Common Name: Darts Blanket Euonymus

DescriptionA ground cover Euonymus, reported to be an improvement over Euonymus coloratus.
Plant TypeGroundcovers and vines
Hardiness Zone(4)5
SunlightGrows in full sun to shaded areas. The middle range seems to be the preferred. In shade the plants will produce longer internodes and stretch. In full sun it benefits from a moisture site. The foliage may winter burn in full sun if there is a lack of snow cover, but the plant will easily recover by the end of the spring.
Soil & Siteaverage
Flowersnon-showy, corymb of narrow flowers
Leavesopposite, simple, lustrous dark green turning to plum purple and semi-evergreen to evergreen depending on the hardiness zone
Stemstrailing, can root wherever they touch the soil, can climb up structures attaching by adventitious roots
Dimensionswide spreading up to 16 inches
Cultivar OriginDiscovered in Holland and released in 1969.
Notes & Reference#1-Manual of Woody Landscape Plants (Dirr)
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