Family: Cupressaceae

Scientific Name: Juniperus horizontalis Plumosa

Common Name: Andorra Juniper

DescriptionA wide spreading, softer ground cover Juniper turning plume color in the winter.
Pronunciation(ju-NIP-er-us) (hor-i-zon-TA-lis)
Plant TypeShrubs Coniferous
Hardiness Zone4-9
Moistureaverage will tolerate some dryness when established
Soil & Siteaverage
Flowersinconspicuous and not ornamental, a male plant
Leavesdepending on the amount of sun, blue to gray green, plum in the winter
Dimensions1-2 feet high spread over 8 feet, space 6 feet on center
MaintenanceIt is difficult to properly prune ground cover Junipers. Most people just cut the ends and after a few years pointed stubbed branches form. Lift up the outside branches cutting the underneath branches and feather back the top branches to a crotch of a branch. This will develop into a much softer outside edge of the shrub. Also they will have branches that just seem to die for no apparent reason and these will need to be cut out using pruning shears.
Cultivar OriginIntroduced in 1907 by the Andorra Nursery of Philadelphia (USA).
Author's NotesThis is a Juniper that is hardy most of the time in zone #5. Early in my landscaping career I have seen when they have been severely damaged by cold or early on set of cold. Now with global warming and our are has been bumped up 1/2 hardiness zone, I haven't seen this happen in many years. (2013)
Notes & Reference#01-Manual of Woody Landscape Plants (Michael Dirr)
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