Family: Cornaceae

Scientific Name: Cornus alba Bailhalo

Common Name: Ivory Halo Dogwood

DescriptionA compact variegated Dogwood shrub with brilliant red stems.
Plant TypeShrubs Deciduous
Hardiness Zone3-7
Sunlightfull to partial sun
Moistureprefers moist tolerates average
Soil & Siteprefers moist tolerates average
Flowerswhite flowers (flat topped cymes) bloom in the late spring
Fruitwhite to whitish blue drupes
Leavesgreen white variegation
Stemsred bark
Dimensions5-6 by 5-6 feet, compact round form
MaintenanceI like to cut out 1/2 to a 1/3 of the old stems and cut the remaining stems back 50%. The plant can also be sheared down to 6 inches. Both of these methods will promote new colorful red stems
Propagationpatented plant, cuttings
Native SiteSpecies native from Siberia to the Korean peninsula.
Cultivar OriginDiscovered in 1983 in a block Cornus alba argenteo-marginata by Rob Bailey of Bailey Nursery, Minnesota USA
Author's NotesOne of the main purposes of this plant is the winter interest of the red stems. Follow the maintenance schedule to maintain good twig color.
Notes & Reference#01-Manual of Woody Landscape Plants (Michael Dirr), #175-Dogwoods (Paul Cappiello and Don Shadow)
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