Family: Rosaceae

Scientific Name: Aruncus sinensis Zweiweltenkind

Common Name: Zweiweltenkind Goats Beard, Child of Two Worlds

DescriptionA large plant that grows best in woodland-like sites.
Plant TypePerennials Hardy
Hardiness Zone4-7
Sunlightpart sun to shade, the more sun the greater the need for moisture
Moistureprefers moist but will tolerate average conditions
Soil & Siteprefers rich moist soil, will tolerate normal soils, avoid dry
Flowerslarge plume-like panicles of white/creamy flowers
Leaveslight green, bi or tripinnately compound
Dimensions4-5' tall by 4-5' spread, the size of this plant is in direct relationship to the growing conditions. The hotter, drier the smaller the plant.
Misc Facts#04-Herbaceous Perennial Plants (Allan Armitage), #40-Herbaceous Ornamental Plants (Steven Stills)
Author's NotesI have never grown A. sinensis, but have grown A. dioicus. Most sources list these two as almost identical plants. Some report A. sinensis blooms a bit later.
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