Family: Araliaceae

Scientific Name: Polyscias fruticosa

Common Name: Ming Aralia, Parsley Aralia

DescriptionA very exotic looking plant that requires above average humidity and temperature. It will have a plant-tantrum if the conditions are not to its liking.
Plant TypeIndoor Foliage
Hardiness Zone11
Sunlightbright to moderate
MoistureAllow to get slightly dry between watering. Enjoys humidity of 50-60% tolerating down to 35%. Does not like to be dried out.
Growing Mediaaverage house
Temperatureaverage house to warm
LeavesDeeply cut, dark green leaves that look like parsley. As the plant ages it will drop a good portion of its foliage creating a bare leg effect. If it has a plant tantrum, it drops most of its foliage. This is an evergreen shrub that freely branches and gets an oriental appearance as it matures.
DimensionsCan reach four feet. Usually smaller when grown in the house.
MaintenanceCleaning up of dead leaves that drop and pruning back if it becomes leggy. Leaf drop can occur when the plant is moved to a new spot or from nursery to in the house.
Propagationcuttings can be slow to root, air layering
Native SitePolynesia
Author's NotesWhen we grow this plant in the greenhouse it stays full and is nice and green. When it is moved in doors it will have a temper tantrum and drop leaves. It might be a better greenhouse plant than an indoor house plant.
Notes & Reference#02-Exotic Plant Manual (Alfred Byrd Graf), #158-Plantepedia (Maggie Stuckey)
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