Family: Lamiaceae

Scientific Name: Thymus vulgaris Argenteus Silver Thyme

Common Name: Silver Thyme

DescriptionA small Thyme with a white edged leaves. Tolerates dryness once established.
Plant TypePerennial Tender
Hardiness Zone5-9
Sunlightfull sun
Moistureaverage, tolerates dry once established, never soggy wet
Soil & Siteaverage, well drained, rots easily in wet soggy soils
Flowerstiny lilac flowers
Leavessilver gray to green colored leaves, evergreen, aromatic if crushed
Dimensionsless than a foot tall
Maintenanceif the plant gets shaggy it can be cut back
Misc Facts"Thymus [genus name] is derived from either a Greek verb meaning 'to fumigate' or a noun (courage) and, as thymon, is a classical Greek name used by the Greek philosopher, Theophrastus (c.327-c.287 BC), for thyme or another similar plants". (#145)
Notes & Reference#145-Plant Lives, (Sue Eland)
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