Family: Geraniaceae

Scientific Name: Geranium maculatum album

Common Name: White Spotted Geranium

DescriptionA white form of the more common pink Spotted or Wild Geranium.
Plant TypeAll Plants, Wild Flowers
Hardiness Zone4
Sunlightshaded to semi-shaded
Moistureaverage to moist, will dry up in draught conditions
Soil & Sitehumus rich, woodsy, wide pH range of 4.5 - 7.0
Flowerswhite, 1-2" across, five petals with visible veins, bore on an inflorescence. Visible veins help guide insects. Pollen is a bright blue, very different from normal yellow/orange. Flowers bloom starting in mid to the end of May for around 3 weeks.
FruitSeeds are catapulted into the air when the seed pods are ripe. Have a tail called an awn which curls when dry and twists when wet. May help to screw the seed into the soil.
LeavesLeaves are simple, deeply divided into 5-7 elongated lobes and palmately veined. Mottled with brown hence the name "spotted". Root stock is compact and stout.
Dimensions1-2 feet
Propagationseeds, division of root stock
Misc FactsA native plant that occurs as single plants or patches in open woods to shaded areas. The species name maculata means mottled.
Author's NotesI have only seen the white form on one or two occasions. They were growing in and among the common pink. In references it is usually listed as native to Missouri.
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