Family: Urticaceae

Scientific Name: Pilea depressa

Common Name: Artillery Plant, Gun Powder Plant

DescriptionA relatively easy to grow plant for the moderate to bright places in the house. If grown properly this plant is a neat small green foliage plant.
Plant TypeIndoor Foliage
Hardiness Zonetropical
Sunlightbright, moderate
Moistureevenly moist, tolerates some dryness
Growing Mediaaverage house, well drained
Temperatureaverage house
Leavessmall roundish obovate leaves on thin stems
DimensionsThe plant will creep across the growing media or tumble over the side of a pot.
MaintenanceIf you turn the plant upside down you will see a lot of dead foliage. Every once in a while give the plant a good shake to clean the plant. Prune to maintain shape.
PropagationThe stems are thin and wiry, care must be taken not to crack the stem when taking the cuttings. Roots very easily from cuttings.
Native SitePuerto Rico, South Florida, Central America
Notes & Reference#02-Exotic Plant Manual (Alfred Byrd Graf)
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