Family: Liliaceae

Scientific Name: Muscari armeniacum muscari Valarie Finnis

Common Name: Muscari Valarie Finnis

DescriptionA Muscari cultivar with ice blue flowers.
Plant TypeBulbs, corms, tubers, rhizoms, etc.
Hardiness Zone5
Soil & Siteaverage
Flowersice blue or powder blue
Dimensions6 inches tall, spread by clumping of bulbs
Maintenancenot an agressive spreader like many other
Cultivar OriginNamed after Lady Scott, wife of Sir David Scott. The unusual muscari appeared in her English garden.
Misc FactsMuscari is derived for some authorities from Greek muschos, Perisan mushk (musk) or Sanskrit mushka (testicle) with reference to the sweet musky aromatic smell of the flowers of some species. (
Author's NotesI still remember the first time I saw Muscari Valarie Finnis , they are "very different" from the common Grape Hyacinth.
Notes & Reference#57-Spring Flowering Bulbs (Dr. A.A. DeHertogh), #59-Naturalizing Bulbs (Rob Proctor), #60-The American Gardeners World of Bulbs (Judy Glattstein)
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