Family: Crassulaceae

Scientific Name: Bryophyllum daigremontiana

Common Name: Mother of Thousands, Mother of Millions, Devil's Backbone, Mexican Hat Plant


Mother of Thousands (Bryophyllum daigremontiana) A very unusual plant producing multitudes of plantlets on the tips and margins of the leaves. Each plantlet has the potential of producing a new plant. Each plantlet will root any where it falls to.  A very weird but lovable plant!!!!

Plant TypeSucculents, Perennial Tender, Site author's observations
Hardiness Zone10-11
Sunlightfull sun, bright
Moisturedry out between waterings
Soil & Sitewell drained, average
Growing Mediawell drained
Temperatureaverage house
Flowerstall branching inflorescence with pink-purple, tubular pendent flowers.
Leavesfleshy, channeled on the top and keel shaped underneath
DimensionsI have had plants that reach 3-4 feet. They will get as tall as the growing conditions will allow.
MaintenanceAs the plant gets old it will lose its lower branches and have bare stems. Cut the plant off and it will regrow. There will be plenty of little sprouts in the pot to take the mother plants place. Tall plants may need to be staked, especially ones grown in low light.
Propagationcuttings, or the adventitious plantlets produced on the edges of the leaves
Native SiteSouthwest Madagascar
Misc FactsThe genus name is derived from bryo "to sprout" and phyllon "leaves".
Author's NotesThe plant I currently have popped up in a pot of Adenium odesum (Desert Rose). My grandson calls it a tree. It can't be understated that this plant will spread quickly by plantlets. I have had them fall on Cactus, get stuck in the spines and start to grow.
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