Family: Lauraceae

Scientific Name: Lindera benzoin

Common Name: Spice Bush

DescriptionA native small tree or shrub found growing in shaded moist sites.
Plant TypeShrubs Deciduous
Hardiness Zone4-9
Sunlightsunny to shaded
Moistureaverage, moist
Soil & Siteaverage, moist
Flowerstiny, apetalous, aromatic, greenish-yellow, early spring before leaves, dioecious
Fruitsmall red drupes
Leavessimple, green
Rootscoarse, fibrous root system
Dimensions6 to 12 feet by 6-12 feet, rounded growth form
Propagationstratified seeds
Native SiteMaine to Ontario and Kansas south to Florida (USA)
Cultivar OriginLindera is named for the Swedish botanist, Johann Lindler. Introduced in 1863.
Author's NotesI had walked down a short set of steps many times and on one day this plant was flowering. I never noticed it before. Now I make sure to visit this area early in the spring.
Notes & Reference#01-Manual of Woody Landscape Plants (Michael Dirr)
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