Family: Lamiaceae

Common Name: Walkers Low Catmint


Walkers Low Catmint (Nepeta) The name implies a small plant but Walkers Low reaches 30 inches. Named after the garden of origin. Good for hot dry spots.

Plant TypePerennials Hardy, Site author's observations
Hardiness Zone3-8
Sunlightneeds full sun, in lower light conditions plants flop
Moistureaverage to dry once established, moist conditions encourage the plant to flop
Soil & Siteaverage to dry, tolerates sandy soils, neutral ph
Flowersblue-violet flowers in abundance starting in early June (zone #5) and lasting for extended periods, at least a month
Leavesgrayish aromatic leaves
Stemssquare stems
Dimensionsreaches 30 inches tall with a spread of up to three feet
Maintenancecut back 66% after bloom to encourage new tighter growth and a small rebloom, if not cut back it tends to open up and flop
Propagationcuttings, division
Cultivar OriginSelected by Mrs. Patricia Taylor in the 1970's. Introduced 1988 by the Four Seasons Nursery in Norwich England.
Notes & ReferencePerennial Plant Association
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