Family: Asparagaceae

Scientific Name: Agave victoriae-reginae

Common Name: Agave Victoria, Queen Agavae

DescriptionA slow growing succulent plant for the bright to direct sun areas of the interior.
Plant TypeSucculents
Hardiness Zone11
Sunlightfull sun
Moisturedry out between waterings
Growing Mediawell drained
Temperaturenormal house, warm
Flowersgreenish colored inflorescence can reach 5 meters
Leavessmall symmetrical rosette made up of numerous keel shaped, dark green leaves with white longitudinal markings, the tip of each leaf has a black spine.
Dimensionsvery slow growing
PropagationForms very few if any offsets. Primarily grown from seed.
Native SiteNorth Mexico
Notes & ReferenceIf this plant is grown properly it is a stunning plant.
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