Family: Celastraceae

Scientific Name: Euonymus alatus compacta

Common Name: Dwarf Winged Burning Bush

DescriptionOne of the more popular landscape shrubs because of its red fall foliage color.
Plant TypeShrubs Deciduous
Hardiness Zone4
Sunlightwill tolerate shade, best fall color is produced in full sun
Soil & Siteaverage
FlowersThe flowers are not ornamentally important. Some shrubs will produce a capsule fruit. The amount of these seems to vary from year to year. The ornamental part of the fruit is the orange-red seed that is exposed when the capsule opens or splits.
Fruitorange-red seed that is exposed when the capsule opens or splits
LeavesLeaves are green in the summer, bright red in the fall (hence Burning Bush).
Stemsbranches will produce corky winged projections, in the compact variety it seems less pronounced
DimensionsThis is not a small shrub, it can reach 8-10 feet, but is smaller than regular Burning Bush. I have one that is 6-7 feet tall with a spread of 8 feet. I prune this each year to control the size.
MaintenanceVery little, it can be easily pruned to keep to size.
Author's NotesThis is a very popular shrub because of its vivid red fall foliage color. There seems to be a big variation in this color ranging from pink to fire red. This may be site or clone related? It also seems to be a shrub that may take a few years to get established before it starts putting on substantial growth.
Notes & Reference#01-Manual of Woody Landscape Plants (Michael Dirr),#03-The Hillier Manual of Trees and Shrubs (Hillier Nursery)
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